A Word From Nancy


Nancy Carlisle, Owner and CEO Quality Care Services, Inc.

Nancy Carlisle, Owner and CEO Quality Care Services, Inc.

I am Nancy Carlisle, Owner and CEO of Texas-based home health company Quality Care Services, Inc. Since our opening in 1996, I have had the joy of providing personalized home health solutions to hundreds of clients throughout East and Southeast Texas. My knowledge of the home health world was gained honestly; in that, I was the sole care provider to a beloved family member for many years. If you have never had to carry this burden on your own before, I can assure you that, at times, it can be overwhelming. I often found myself in need of physical assistance with routine tasks and occasionally found myself distressed, emotionally drained, and in dire need of a break from my duties. I looked around at my options and found that in our area, at the time, there were few options that were available to me. This is precisely the reason I started this company. Whatever you are facing, know that I have personally experienced similar circumstances and that our company was founded upon overcoming those seemingly insurmountable obstacles. We are here to help.

We are able to provide these home care services within the individual’s home; whether that home be in a neighborhood, retirement community or skilled nursing facility. The cost of our services is based upon our free assessment of your individual needs.

As for the specifics, Quality Care Services Inc. is a private duty and licensed home health company. Our services assist individuals with personal care needs and daily activities, light housekeeping duties, giving them guidance with dressing, prompting and reminding them to take their medications, helping them with light household duties such as cooking, light cleaning, incidental errands, laundry, and other duties. We are dedicated to making life more comfortable with respectful and dignified service for those who need extra help each day.

In addition to Quality Care Services Inc, I own and operate The Professional Nanny Source. At The Professional Nanny Source our referral staff includes all staffing from full and part-time nannies.

With many years of experience, I am proud to offer services that will meet the needs of young children, adults, and the senior population. I look forward to working with you in the future. Please do not hesitate to call with any questions or concerns.

Nancy Carlisle Owner & CEO Quality Care Services, Inc.