How to Select the Right Home Care Agency

How to Select the Right Home Care Agency

May 3, 2019

Perhaps someone in your life could benefit from home care in TX. How can you select a provider that will deliver the quality care you seek? To find the best service, you must ask the right questions. Due diligence will reveal the level of care each service provides, so you can choose an agency that is trustworthy and reliable.

Use the following questions as you interview providers of home care in TX. The answers will reveal their quality of care and help you find the right service.

How long have you been in business?

Find out how long the provider has been serving your community. A lengthy track record of success is a good indicator that the company has been delivering quality services.

Can you provide materials that outline your services?

The home care agency in TX should be able to supply literature that describes the services they offer, who qualifies for services, fee structures and other information about their company. The service may also be able to provide an annual report, educational materials and a patient bill of rights.

How do you select and train your employees?

It’s important to obtain information about the people who will actually be delivering the home care in TX. Find out what qualifications they require for their employees and how they train them. Is malpractice insurance provided? Do employees follow specific personnel policies?

How do you evaluate home care needs?

Does the company employ nurses or therapists to evaluate a patient’s needs for home care in TX? Is this required? What is involved in this process?

How do you develop a care plan?

Find out who is involved in the creation of the plan for home care in TX. Will family members be included? Do they consult the primary care physician? Is the individual involved in making changes to their own care plan?

How do you document treatment and care?

The patient’s care should be documented in some way. If it is not, this is a red flag. The service should document specific tasks to be carried out by each caregiver. Find out if the patient and family members receive copies of the plan and documentation.

How do you resolve problems?

If a complaint is issued or there is a challenge with home care in TX, how does the service handle this? How do they follow up on problems? Ask for examples of how they have successfully resolved issues in the past.

How do you handle emergencies?

Find out what procedures they have in place to respond to emergency situations. Will caregivers be available 24/7?

Choose Quality

If you’re searching for the right home care in TX, turn to Quality Care Services, Inc. We’ve been delivering top-level care since 1996. We handle post-operation care, senior care, veteran care and special needs care. Our staff is dedicated to helping patients live independent lives and improving their quality of life. Comfort and livelihood are our top priorities. Give us a call today with any questions or to receive a free in-home care evaluation.

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